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Blogher Book Club Review: Matched

October 4, 2012

This is a paid review for Blogher Book Club, however, all thoughts and opinions are my very own. Not a robot’s. Or someone posing else posing as me. (That would be weird.)

Ohhh, Dytstopia… I should’ve known you were going to steer me wrong at one point… Matched by Ally Condie is where it all went wrong for me.

Set in the future (obviously) Cassia is fine, living in her perfect little house, with her perfect little life in this perfect bubble of a world. The Society regulates everything right down to the person you’re going to marry and live with happily ever after. (Think: Arranged marriages but to an extreme, scientific level) Cassia likes knowing that the pressure of finding the perfect man is off her shoulders. (I mean, who wouldn’t?! Think about how much less stressful high school would be without worrying about finding the perfect boyfriend!) The Society takes care everything Cassia could need. They match up her personality, likes, dislikes and interests with a boy who is perfectly suited to her. That’s exciting, right? Sure, she might have to move away from her home and her best friends (one of which is Xander, resident hottie) but she can handle that for a perfect life.

Everything is going perfectly when Cassia is matched with Xander (less exciting because Xannnnnder?? We know you, but still mildly relieving because seriously, Cassia, think of who it COULD’VE BEEN. At least Xander is hot.), but then, for a split second, another face pops on the screen. It’s Ky Markham. Cassia doesn’t know much about him and knows she wasn’t supposed to see his face, but that doesn’t stop her from wondering if maybe, somehow, The Society got it wrong for once and it’s Ky she’s supposed to be with. The rest of the novel follows Cassia as she struggles with the decision to pursue what happened with Ky’s face accidentally flashing up on the giant screen or to live her life as The Society thinks she should, with Xander.

I’m going to be honest… I hated this book. I really, really wanted to like it but I just couldn’t get past how absolutely BORING Cassia was. You would think with this life changing decision on her hands and the risk she’s taking (The Society does not like it when someone decides to go all rogue when choosing their mates. What do you think this is, Cassia – a free country?!) would make her somewhat exciting, but it doesn’t. As she develops her friendship with Ky she basically gets more boring, which you would think is impossible because she’s a) already the most boring person ever and b) she’s contemplating an escape from The Society somehow, so one would be lead to believe that would be an exciting adventure. No. It’s not. Thanks, Cassia.

So, there. I said it. I didn’t like Matched, but! That doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about it anymore. We can discuss why we DIDN’T like it, if that’s the case! Doesn’t that sound fun?

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  1. October 11, 2012 1:03 pm

    I’ve been debating reading this series, I’m glad for the honest review. It seemed like something I *might* like, but I think I’ll skip it. Next stop, the ‘Pretties’ series.

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