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Hey guys, maybe we can NOT set couches on fire this year.

March 30, 2012

The state of Kentucky is pretty much going to shut down tomorrow.  I tried to reign in my excitement and keep it bottled up until tomorrow but I just can’t. As I’m sure anyone not living under a rock knows, one of the Final Four games is played tomorrow. To us, the most important one because, well… we have two teams going from Kentucky and the other team just happens to be the team we hate the most. (Maybe hate’s a strong word… Let’s just go with “our biggest rival.”)

Why would you risk being a UofL fan when working at UK? This is what happens to your car. (That sign says UK's #1 Fan) And yes, I know the vandalism is minimal but I worked with what I had available.

I work at UK and have so far received one email and one video message from the president of the university telling everyone, “Yes, classes are proceeding as usual. And also? Don’t set shit on fire.” He didn’t use those exact words but that’s a pretty good summary. Word on the street is that they’re closing off a lot of streets on campus to allow people to drink alcohol outside of the bars (which I think is basically so they don’t have to issue the entire campus one collective PI) and they’re placing the police in riot gear.

A little overcautious you say?

Do you remember when we won in 1998? Because I do. I was there on campus when it happened. I was only a senior in high school and my mother allowed me to drive (at a very unsafe speed, I’m sure) with a bunch of friends (who were also not even in college yet) down to campus and party in the streets.

Clearly, our parents weren’t really aware of what happens on a college campus when their team wins the NCAA tourney. We made it out alive and without any arrests on our record but that in itself is sort of shocking. Not that we were drinking heavily or acting insane because I’m pretty sure, at most, we sipped on some warm beer that some guy randomly handed us as we pushed our way through the crowds. Emily’s friend Mary caught a bottle to the face when some idiot threw it in the air for no reason. I wasn’t there to witness it because Sarah and I had gotten separated from Emily at some point, but we heard about it later.

We didn’t see the news van flipped over either but we heard about that later too.

We ran up and down the streets that night screaming like this was the greatest thing we’d EVER experienced (and really, at 17, it might have been). We wandered around on campus and hung out with complete strangers who were more than happy to offer us a drink and a place to hang out. Sarah and I ended up in front of the campus library laying on the grass (probably a little buzzed) listening to the entire city of Lexington celebrate something that had seriously JUST happened two years prior, but still! Everyone was JUST as excited this time. That’s why it’s fun to be a UK fan. We get into some basketball.

Of course, there’s always the few people who take it too far. (See: Morons who throw beer bottles as high as they can in the air in a massive crowd.)

I feel like these past events and possibly the fact that someone set a couch on fire last weekend when we beat Baylor (THAT WAS THE ELITE EIGHT, PEOPLE. CALM DOWN) is what prompted President Capilouto to send out these emails to every single student, staff member and faculty member at the University of Kentucky telling people just to not lose their shit. And like Sarah said, “I’m sure he’s TERRIFIED we’re going to be on the national news for burning Lexington to the ground during his first year as president.” Wouldn’t be good press, I agree.

I don’t really get why people set shit on fire. What purpose does it serve?! Other than a fire hazard… (I sound like such an old lady but it’s true!) Aside from the streets closing and the police in riot gear I heard that they’re also sending Kentucky State Police out to one of our local bridges to keep an eye out for jumpers if we lose and THAT right there is where… I just can’t.

Can we not just celebrate a win and appropriately mourn a loss?! Why do we have to be jumping off bridges? It’s NOT that serious, folks.

So tomorrow, I’ll be on campus to watch the game. Mike and I are getting dropped off because we don’t want our car destroyed and/or possibly set on fire. So, yes, I’m having my mom drop us off (nerds) and then we’ll take a cab home. I’ll be going crazy if we win. I won’t, however, be setting anything on fire, turning over vehicles of any sort and will immediately obey anything an officer dressed in riot gear tells me to do because I’m a good citizen.

I’m also not an idiot.

*And if you don’t really get how crazy it got in 1998, just take a look right here… Also, MOM. SERIOUSLY.


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  1. March 30, 2012 1:17 pm

    First: completely agree about the couches. Maybe this means I’m getting old but it seems like such a dumb ass thing to do. Or wait. Maybe it just IS a dumb ass thing to do!

    Second: insanely jealous that you get to watch the game on campus. We will be here, as per usual, adjusting our rabbit ears and yelling at our kids to be quiet so we can hear ourselves screaming at the television. After we win, John will try to convince me to drive down on campus to see all the excitement and I’ll have to explain how two drunk parents shouldn’t take 3 small kids into a potential couch burning frenzy.

    Third: I think there was van tipping in both 96 and 98. I’m not saying I helped tip a van, but in 1996 I was a senior at UK, and John lived on Woodland Avenue right across the street from Lynagh’s. We had the novelty of being some of the first people to pour out into that intersection at Euclid and Woodland right after we won the game. Not only did we witness a news van tipped over about 3 feet from where we stood, but also the completely insane guy who climbed to the top of the sign that stands in the Lynagh’s parking lot at that corner. To this day, I can not drive pass that sign without wondering how on earth that guy got DOWN from there.
    Those were some crazy, good times.
    Be sure and take photos tomorrow!!

  2. March 30, 2012 1:19 pm

    Past. Drive past the sign.

  3. Katy permalink
    April 2, 2012 8:07 am

    Yeah…sorry they didn’t listen. The upside of OSU losing? At least we weren’t the ones on the news for this this year…

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