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Making Some Cutbacks

February 9, 2012

As I reviewed the current DVR schedule I came to grips with an issue I didn’t want to admit was happening, but it’s true. We are overcommitting ourselves to the television. There are just entirely too many things that are crowding up our DVR and last night I took the time and re-evaluated the shows we REALLY want to watch. (I know. We’re just wallowing in the 1% sorrow of it all… Such first world problems we have… Right, Christina?)


Desperate Housewives: I know. It’s the last season! How could I?? Well, I’ll tell you. You may or may not remember the Great DVR Disaster of 2011, but it involved me accidentally deleting everything on my DVR. This included a ton of DH episodes I had yet to watch. When that happened I gave up recording it for the rest of the season with the intent of renting it or something so I could catch up and watch the final season as it aired. Well, my plans were sidetracked by… I don’t know… other television shows, probably, and I never watched season 6. Even though I kept it on the schedule the episodes were just piling up and last night I deleted them all, plus the timer for the show. Goodbye, ladies. You were fun while you lasted.

Glee: Oh. MY. GOSH. I don’t even know why I pretended to be ok with this show still being on my DVR… I’ve hated it since the second season… I can’t stand Rachel. I can’t stand Kurt. I can’t stand Mercedes. Basically, I hate all the characters, I think the storylines are cheesy and the acting is awful. I kept thinking, “Maybe it’ll get like the first season again…” but one day I was trying to watch it and Mike came in. He took one look as the characters broke out into some ridiculous song and dance and said, “There is no way you’re actually enjoying this…” and he was right! I wasn’t! I was watching it because I felt forced to because it was taking up space on my DVR. I don’t know. It just got to the point that I felt like it was trying too hard and that’s when it lost its magic. You shall not be missed, annoying high school students of McKinley High.

90210: Yes, feel free to judge. I’m a lover of all things 80s (well, this is more 90s, yes…) and I’m of the rare breed of people who actively love remakes of 80s things. I don’t feel like they’re tarnishing the originals. I can’t explain it, really. I just love them. Point is, I got super excited when they announced 90210 was making a comeback so I immediately set the DVR to record all the episodes. I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t love it from the start. I totally did. But then, life got busy as life is wont to do and it got pushed to the back burner on the stove of Television Shows I Must Watch. Then the episodes started stacking up and before I knew it I had missed like 10 episodes. Once I”m ten episodes behind, there is no going back. So, yes,  90210 got deleted. Farewell, West Bev friends. Don’t OD on cocaine and die after I leave!

Also not making the cut were, Mike’s black and white movies that he claims “help him fall asleep at night.” (Not on my watch, pal. That is precious DVR space you’re wasting!) and Secret Circle. Now, I realize a key part of my problem is the fact that I keep turning to the CW for new shows. I never said I had mature taste in television. I don’t. I’m ok with it.

However, with all this free time I now have the chance to burn through Mad Men on Netflix Streaming.  It shall be glorious. Now tomorrow I’ll give you a list of the shows that I’m currently obsessed with and you can judge me some more. Sounds fun, right?

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  1. February 9, 2012 1:35 pm

    Good for you for cleaning out your DVR! I seriously need to go through mine. I have stuff from last April! APRIL 2011!! Seriously. It’s time I give up and accept the fact that I am not going to watch any of those shows. Sad but true.

    If I do clean mine out can I consider that my spring cleaning and not have to clean my house? It sounds fair to me.

    • February 9, 2012 1:36 pm

      Yes! I declare it so.

      From here on out, cleaning out your DVR relieves you of your spring cleaning duties.

      That sounded official, right?

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