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Definitely Not Snow White

December 16, 2011

Today was the class Christmas party at Evie’s school. They had four different activities planned in different stations.

Which, you’re probably thinking like me, “Oh one will be a craft station where they can make macaroni necklaces, one will be a cookie station, etc, etc.”



I got there a tad late. (Yes, love me because I’m consistent at least.) I wandered down the hallway to Evie’s class which was dark and locked up and then aimlessly walked around the school a bit until I decided I should ask the secretary where they had my child. Turns out? In the auditorium… where there was an entire ballet company on stage performing!

What the?!

The girls were enthralled, the boys were fidgeting in their seats, and I was like, “Well, hellloooo lovely place to sit and have my coffee! Don’t mind if I do!”

Anyways, while I’m sitting there enjoying a gingerbread latte and the ballet is in full swing, I notice there’s a girl dancing around a tree. Then a guy came out and he started dancing around the tree. (Seems simple enough.) Then a lady in a black flowy dress with what appears to be a cape came out and danced around holding an apple. In the meantime, the guy had gone back stage leaving the girl to be offered the entire apple.

So, the girl (not black, flowy, cape lady) takes the apple and flutters around stage and I think to myself, “Huh… So weird for them to be performing Snow White at a Christmas party… Eh well.”

But then… a man, in a robe with a rather prominent beard, came out and started pointing at the girl (who had since been joined by the guy I’d originally thought was the prince) and I’m like, “Wait a second… there was no bearded man in a robe in Snow White! Gah, learn how to tell a story correctly here, ballet company! No ad libbing!”

But then… the bearded man started pointing, rather angrily, for the guy and girl to leave.


Garden of Eden.

I see where we’re going with this.

It’s the story of the BIBLE.

Jesus made it into the 3rd act.

Which… good, because if not, that was the worst performance of Snow White I’ve ever seen.

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