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Mono Watch 2011

November 14, 2011

Evie started in with a runny nose sometime early last week and I just shook my head because my child never manages to get JUST the sniffles or JUST a cold. No, no. She has the ability to take a regular, run-of-the-mill cold and get so sick I’m constantly considering calling 911 or hauling her to the ER because her illnesses always border on terrifyingly high fevers with a side of inability to breathe.

True Story: When she was 11 months old, she got an ear infection… which managed to give her a fever… which then spiked up to some ungodly high degree and caused her to have a febrile seizure. Have any of you all ever experienced a febrile seizure? Witnessed one? Because let me just tell you, they’re scary as shit. Her little body got incredibly stiff, her eyes glazed over and wouldn’t focus on anything and then? Just stopped breathing and turning blue… It was all horrifying but thankfully, there was no lasting damage to my child or to the 911 operator’s eardrum from me screaming hysterically into the phone to SAVE MY BAYBAY.

Anyways, the point of all that? Evie doesn’t get sick very often but when she does she gets SO sick. That’s precisely why I wasn’t too alarmed when her runny nose turned into her being completely incapable of getting off the couch.

Except this time it just seemed… worse. She was so congested she couldn’t even blow her nose and sleeping at night was pretty much a nightmare for both her and me. I was terrified she wasn’t going to catch her breath and she was just miserable. More often than I like to remember did she wake up coughing so hard that she ended up throwing up all over either herself or me or the bed and once maybe even Russell…

After 48 hours of this, I decided that the doctors were being stingy with their antibiotics and I was going to go back and DEMAND that they give her some Amoxicillin. We saw my old pediatrician and he took one look at her throat and said, “Mono.”


As in mononucleosis.


He told me they’d have to take some blood and do a test, but he was almost positive that’s what she had.

But wait, have you all met me?

From the time that they drew Evie’s blood (which, you guys, the child barely even cried because she was so exhausted she literally couldn’t even muster up the energy to produce anything more than a pitiful whimper) until the doctor came back a good 15 minutes later, I had convinced myself that this wasn’t mono and instead we were about to be told that my child had 6 more hours to live because of some horrible virus that has only one other case ever documented.

It was just mono.

Like he said.

Turns out? Those guys they call doctors? They actually know what they’re doing most of the time. Who knew??

So for the next few weeks she’s stuck at home watching movies and eating popsicles (which doesn’t sound all that bad when I type it out…) I won’t be able to send her back to school until after Thanksgiving. Her teacher is giving me packets to work on with her so she doesn’t fall behind and my mom is keeping her overnight some nights during the weeks so that I can actually sleep through the night instead of laying in a terrified stupor ready to do CPR at a moment’s notice.

For now, she’s ok just laying on her sick bed, enjoying the fact that Mom’s letting her have popsicles for breakfast.

*Sigh… I’ll be glad when we’re over this hump.

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  1. November 14, 2011 4:33 pm

    Oh bless your hearts! I can’t imagine going through that as a child, or having a child that has it. I’ll be prayin’ for you and your little one and your momma.

  2. November 16, 2011 12:14 pm

    Poor girl! Hope these weeks go well!

  3. Emily permalink
    November 17, 2011 11:06 pm

    You have failed miserably at this blogging every day thing. Hope Evie’s feeling better!

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