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How about some random bullets?

November 7, 2011

Let’s be honest, at this point every post is either random, bullets or both. Also, I failed… I didn’t post over the weekend but come on! Who reads blogs over the weekend? No one. (At least that’s how I pretend things happen in other houses that are not mine…) You’d think I would want to redeem myself by not posting a mishmash of ridiculousness but no… Not me.

*Michael and I took Evie to see Puss in Boots yesterday afternoon and while, yeah, Evie loved it, Mike and I weren’t all that impressed. We chalked it up to our high standards for cat humor and Puss just didn’t have it. There was plenty more they could have made fun of. Cats are hysterical. (If you disagree with this statement, I don’t think we can be friends… I’ve already got one friend (E-M-I-L-Y) who finds no humor in cats whatsoever and I just don’t have room in my heart for another!)

*Speaking of cat humor, this: Business Cat. It’s my new favorite things and I plan on answering all emails for here on out with one of those pictures. I believe there’s one for every occasion.

*The Breeder’s Cup was this past weekend. Mike had made several bets and one he told me, if it hit, we would win thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars. Obviously, this made me excited… So, an hour or so later, I asked him if that race had panned out and he casually said, “Yeah.” This is the part where I almost fell out of my chair in shock because, honey! We’re rich! Exhibit the appropriate level of excitement! Except then he nonchalantly mentioned, “Oh yeah, I looked at the numbers wrong. We won about fifty bucks.” Just a little detail he forgot to include… So for a full 30 seconds I thought we were really rich. It was a nice feeling.

*I made potato soup from scratch this weekend. It was delightful. You are jealous.

*I’m in that weird non-decorating season… It’s too early for Christmas but I don’t really have a ton of stuff for Thanksgiving. (I have an aversion to cornucopias… I just think they’re weird.) My door is bare and it feels so naked… I’m not ok with this.

*I picked up a new book from the library this past week that’s being touted as “the zombie version of Twilight.” Now, I realize that you’re probably all thinking, “Whitney! You hated Twilight! Why would you subject yourself to the zombie version of it?!” And to that I’ll answer, “I cannot resist zombies…” In fact, I’m betting that if the library pulls my records they’re going to be concerned that I’m possibly preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Seriously. My last 5 rentals have been zombie related.

That’s all I’ve got. Peace and zombie love for now, kids!


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