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A Hastily Thrown Together Friday Post, Strictly For Your Enjoyment

November 4, 2011

Man! You people really hate those boots… So, of course this only makes me want to wear them more. (Sarah’s response to that: OF COURSE IT DOES, WHITNEY.) You guys just wait… You’ll see me with my tiny sheep feet and you will rue the day you laughed at my boots! You’ll rue it!

(Probably not. It’s ok. We’re all God’s children and I’m ok with my decision to wear them. I mean, if you still want to be mean and hateful, that’s fine. I’m sure the devil can’t wait to have you over to his place.)

(Oooh burn! Literally! And figuratively!)

(Guys, I’m kidding.)

In other news, it’s Friday! Also! I have nothing planned to write about! EXCLAMATION POINTS GALORE! So, in order to celebrate properly I am listening to Jefferson Starship and eating cherry Twizzlers.

What? You guys don’t do that to celebrate Friday??


Because I’m a poor planner, I’m simply leaving you with this, the one photo I have on my phone of my child in her Halloween costume.

I know! A ten dollar costume from Wal-Mart is what she ended up deciding to wear. If you follow me on Twitter you know there was talk of her being Jem from Jem and the Holograms, and trust me, I was all excited. Look how cool my kid is! Throwback costume! Sweet! And then I set out to find a Jem costume. Guess what. Jem’s reign over the girl world has long passed and finding a costume was damn near impossible… Also? I’m sort of lazy. I technically could have made her one but well… I work a lot! And… and… and well this Southern Belle costume hadn’t even been opened so I MAY have lured her in with my imitation of Ms. Scarlett O’Hara.

It’s pretty impressive.

I do a mean Southern Belle voice… She didn’t stand a chance of denying me.

Happy Friday, nerds!

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