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What happened?

October 19, 2011

I know! Who just gets all super bitchy about Facebook and then vanishes from the internets? Me. For no real reason other than I have a ton of just stuff going on right now. Most of it? Not the greatest stuff but it’s stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about on here… Or I can if I want to do a password-protected post but those always seem like such a cop-out to me… I mean, I feel like people feel awkward asking for the password, which nine times out of ten, I don’t even mind giving out and only have to password-protect my post to keep like one or two SPECIFIC people out. And now? It seems like I’m vague-booking on this post… an act I detest! Detest, I say!

Since we last spoke (well, I wrote, you guys read…) Mike and I took Evie to the Cincinnati Zoo where she a) fed a giraffe, b) pet a snake, and c) finally achieved her life dream* of seeing a peacock in person only to have it blankly stare at her and not even attempt to fan out it’s feathers in all of their majestic glory. (I know. What a jerk.) And believe it or not! I have awesome pictures! But as per yooj, they’re on Michael’s phone and I’m here at work with no access to them so… just imagine them.

I can tell you that giraffe’s tongue was freaky long and a tad bit frightening.

It was also gray. (Doesn’t that help?)

Evie had her first field trip of the year to the mandatory pumpkin patch. It was a completely cloud-less day but it was absolutely FREEZING… and because of that I managed to get a lovely cold. However, that could have been because I was surrounded by germy children. It’s really either-or. I have this really cute picture of her entire class but for fear of other parents somehow discovering my blog I don’t feel like I can post it… I feel like kidnappers visit my blog frequently. No, seriously, I’ve had a talk with Evie about kidnappers…which probably didn’t help and only terrified her more and NO, SHE IS NOT SLEEPING COMPLETELY THROUGH THE NIGHT IN HER OWN BED YET, WHY DO YOU ASK???

I have this pic though!

Sure, most of you are not the least bit impressed by my child going down this slide because yes, it DOES look like the most fun ever but Evie… well, she’s not a dare devil and I was shocked she even attempted it. But she did. And she loved it. The End.

In other news, my mom got bored and started making these:

And not like she got bored so she made herself ONE. No. More like her, my grandma and my aunt allllll got really bored and started pumping out purses like a damn sweatshop. To be honest, at first, I was like, “Brenda, nobody is going to buy these… It’s the butt of a pair of jeans…with fake fur.” But then, to prove me wrong in typical Brenda-fashion, they went to some craft fair and banked over a grand.

I kid you not.

You guys! A grand! So, now my mom’s after me to set her up an Etsy shop which I told her I would because I’m an awesome daughter like that.

So, now you all are completely caught up.

Well. Not completely. Let me know how you feel about a p-word post.


*Editor’s Note: Evie only ACTS like it’s her life dream to see a peacock in real life. In reality, she has seen one every year since birth because that’s how often we hit up the zoo.

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  1. October 24, 2011 3:51 pm

    I’m cool with password posts.
    I’ve done them.
    Just as long as you KNOW I’ll need that pw 😉

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