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Yes, I Understand That It’s Not Even October Yet.

September 22, 2011

Before we proceed, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, New Years Eve, I believe, Michael and I had big plans of having a night out with friends involving lots of pictures to look at and laugh the next day. We prepared all day by loading the camera onto the charging dock so it would be ready to go for our big night. That evening as we’re walking into the club, Michael and I thought, “This is it! Our night of picture taking will begin here!” so we asked our friends to snap a picture of us… They tried. Repeatedly. Something wasn’t right… The camera wouldn’t even turn on! But! This can’t be! We’d dutifully charged the little piece of equipment all day! I then had the sense to check the battery. Lo and behold, there WAS no battery. And from that day on there hasn’t been a battery, which is why you, Quipwhit reader, are forced to endure posts that have nothing but crappy phone pictures… The End.

(Of THAT story! Not of this post. Have a seat. Relax.)

Ok, so I come from a family of crafty people. Now, as much as I would love to be like, “Oh yeah, we’re down with the Craft…” and imply that, you know, I can do magic, this is not the case. My family likes to MAKE stuff. Because of this I was raised in a house where we decorated for every holiday. And NOT like tacky plastic door hangy-things or whatever. No, no, the items that indicated why yes, it IS Easter three weeks from now, were always made with care, and typically involved the use of a hot glue gun. Such is the case for every holiday. Which, I know some people scoff at. But I can’t help it. I love decorating for Halloween (or whatever the next holiday within a one month range may be) and I sort of get a little antsy every year and usually end up putting all my stuff out by the second week in September and I’m that annoying person with the jack-o-lanterns lighting up her front porch when it’s still 70 degrees outside. (What?! One month is not enough time to properly display my decor!)

Anyways, this past weekend was my Halloween decorating spree. So, here, let’s take a look.

Entirely too large for my door but ask me if I care.

I had mentioned to my mom that my Fall wreath just wasn’t holding up like I wanted it to this year and I wanted a new one. The above picture is what she came up with. (And while the flowers look blue in that picture, they’re not. They’re purple…) I am obsessed with that mesh type stuff and my mom and grandma are pro’s at it.

Ghost family...

Then! She also surprised me with this to sit on my hearth… Evie has decided that it’s me, her and Mike. She informed me that she is the baby ghost and because she was so little she wasn’t big enough to earn her spider badges yet… Whatever that means… (Other than she didn’t want spiders on her ghost. I mean I know it means that.)

Yeah, yeah, you guys have already seen this project (I think) but you hadn’t seen it hung up on my very green wall that for some reason looks yellow in this picture. That ribbon makes a world of difference. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.

Witchy-Poo and pumpkins for the mantle...

These were either a Cracker Barrel or Hobby Lobby find a few years ago…

See that candy dish? Yeah, a miniature person by the name of Evie decided it should sit there. Her mother disagreed but chose to reserve her judgment for after bedtime.

One of the main reasons we get SO into decorating holidays now is because of how much Evie loves it. My child lives to decorate and bake. It’s like I’m raising Martha Stewart v. 2.0! But with absolutely no experience myself!

A very green stripe on a very green wall...

(I painted that stripe myself, by the way. Took FOREVER but I was pretty impressed with myself.) I wish the real color of my walls came out in these photos. My house looks like the inside of the alien mothership at night if we have the blinds open. It is impossible to not be cheerful in my house. My green walls demand it.

"Trick or Treat" or "Trick Korea?" You decide...

That clock has no battery either… We’re really bad about replacing batteries in things, apparently.  The shelf is pretty crowded, which is slightly bothersome, but you all… I have so many decorations. Just wait until Christmas! It’s like Whoville explodes in my living room!

Evie's little girl witches...

This picture’s blurry (camera phone!) but look at that chubby little baby with the giant pink bow on her head! (That has nothing to do with Halloween…)

I had two pictures of my end tables where I have these little black haunted houses that have tea lights in them but you can’t see them because of my (stupid, crappy) camera on my phone. Boo.

But yeah, there’s my house. I bet you guys are completely in the Halloween spirit now, aren’t you? This post wasn’t annoying at all, was it? I KNEW IT!


P.S. I’m going as a ninja for Halloween. It will be the awesomest.

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  1. September 25, 2011 4:30 pm

    This makes me really want to decorate for Halloween, but I am just so lazy. And uncrafty. But I saw the ghost foot prints on you Pinterest and really want to try it! So cute!

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