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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

September 16, 2011

Fall wins best season, hands down. This is saying a lot coming from the girl who celebrates her birthday weeks at a time and that birthday happens to fall in the dead of summer. Don’t get me wrong, summer is first runner up, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to the fall.

For one, I’m a much bigger fan of Fall clothes. (Not Winter. No, I dislike winter with a passion. Except Christmas. We love celebrating Jesus’ birthday at my house.) But give me some boots and skinny jeans? Some chilly days? Some chilli in general? Yes, you have my heart, Fall. You really do.

I have an obsession with boots. I own (literally) 32 pairs. That’s probably offensive. I know. But I can’t help it! They come in so many varieties and I just happen to like them all. This year, my first boot purchase happened spontaneously yesterday whilst browsing Target’s site and looking at all the hideous Missoni stuff. (Dude. That stuff is ugly. But it’s so ugly it’s awesome. I want a Cliff Huxtable sweater on the double. Sidenote: You know what other trend I hate right now? All this Western/Native American style every store has going on. It totally reminds me of my eighth grade year when coral and teal were the big colors and all that Native American-ish patterns were on everything and it’s pretty much the ONLY thing The Buckle sold… I still remember the hideous socks I bought from there…. Anyways.)

I bought these guys yesterday and I overnighted them because I decided I had to have them for….

Boots (with no fur!) (Nor do I own any AppleBottom jeans but that's another story for another day.)


If you are unfamiliar with how Southerners tailgate, lemme break it down for you right quick. It’s not abnormal to see girls tailgating in fancy dresses. (Kentucky blue, of course.) The Kentucky blue dress paired with brown boots is a tailgating standard for some. (Not me. I actually chuckle at girls in dresses because, ladies… You’re in a parking lot drinking keg beer. No need to fancy it up.) Usually the first few games are hot so shorts and tshirts are needed but it’s a little chilly this time around so boots will have to do. (But NOT with dresses.) There is a LOT of cornhole and plenty of Flip Cup. Basically it’s one big party and honestly, that’s more fun because well, UK should stick with basketball the majority of the time. But it’s ok! We love our team regardless.

And also? I don’t go to the games. Ever. Lots of people do but if you give me the choice of watching the game at a sports bar vs. watching the game in the hot sun or chilly winds on uncomfortable metal bleachers? I’m choosing the bar. All day. Every day.

Gwen is Mike's sister. She's the coolest. Hence the exclamation points.

How could you NOT want to tailgate with us? I mean, THIS happened at tailgating one year:

But it’s not always that crazy. I mean, we ARE in our 30s these days…

But, of course there’s always plenty of beer. Funneling it probably isn’t the most responsible thing to do though…

See? Even *I'm* skeptical of such actions.

Sometimes others attempt to fly.

But mainly we just hang out and have the time of our lives. That’s basically what I’m saying.

So yeah, tailgating’s where it’s at. And it starts tomorrow*. Fall has officially begun.

*Guys, I know it “technically” started last week but look, it was a noon game and I am not about to be boozing in a parking lot at 9am in the morning. So for ME it starts tomorrow. Get with it.

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  1. September 16, 2011 9:57 am

    It’s almost here! Can’t wait. I expect you to pick up my slack this year and funnel at least 3 times for me and take a minimum of 10 jello shots (please note this is all in ADDITION to what you consider essential for yourself)…this will also provide as my sober tailgate time entertainment.

    I’ll see you there…blue lot…middle of the afternoon…I’ll be the one in jeans and a blue UK shirt.

  2. September 16, 2011 11:36 am

    Ah, man. I wish I lived closer to a stadium I cared about. But I will be tailgating this weekend! Woo hoo! And, yes, as a northern kind of gal, I TOTALLY do not get wearing dresses to games. But, as I am going to be with my husband’s company this weekend, I have to look decent. WTF! Not sure what I’m gonna do about that.

  3. September 19, 2011 9:40 am

    The girls in dresses totally cracked me up on Saturday. Those are probably the same girls that I’m trying to teach what a first down is.

    Some fellow tailgating friends left the game in the 3rd quarter (couldn’t bear to watch any more) and happened upon some rather happy tailgaters in the back of their truck. Well, the dude was probably not so happy that my friends interrupted the JOB he was getting. Stay classy, Lexington!

  4. September 19, 2011 1:59 pm

    Ooh, I obviously need to buy more boots.


    I’ve never tailgated.


    I feel so uncool!

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