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Bits and Pieces of a Laborless Weekend

September 6, 2011

We take the celebration of Labor Day seriously around these parts. There was a LOT of relaxing, there was a little bit of shopping and there was a lot of marathon TV watching. There was also a night spent at the movie theater as well but I’ll get to all that! Let’s have a look-see.

Oh! One more thing… So, the BP review will hopefully be up tomorrow but just so you all know… these people are getting into my brain. I spent the majority of my night last night dreaming that I was consoling Michael Stagliano because of his recent breakup with Holly… And then Graham showed up and I was all, “Guys, I”m not competing, I’m just here for emotional support!” but then they made participate in the kissing contest and it was the worst. Ever. And you know, one dream wouldn’t be that bad but this is the second night in a row that I have had this dream… So, what I’m saying is that thank God the finale is next week because I cannot do this much longer.

Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

~ If you’ve read my little About Me page then you are already aware of my love for terrible, terrible sci-fi flicks, especially those of the sea creature variety. Give me a shark themed weekend on SyFy and I am set. So, of course when I saw the trailer for Shark Night I was all, “Mike, you have to take me to see this or I will DIE.” I tend to be overdramatic about my sci-fi movies… Anyways, we went and well, I can now say I heard the line, “And then… as I drove the boat away, I cut his face up with the propeller…” uttered in the midst of what was supposed to be a touching background story. (I can now mark one more thing off my bucket list!) You guys. I am a sucker for bad movies. I appreciate them because they make me laugh, but this?! It was SO, SO bad. I give it negative stars.

Shark Night: Comes equipped with not one redeeming quality!

~ On Saturday we were on the hunt for some new bar stools in our kitchen (which were found and purchased, fyi) but before any shopping commenced I had to make myself somewhat presentable seeing as though I had yet to take a shower and all that. Anyways, while I was in the aforementioned shower, Mike and Evie decided to have a tea party, which was business as usual (or so I thought) because one of Evie’s favorite games IS Tea Party. (I suck at any sort of pretend play… I do not like when I’m forced to have conversations for her toys because I just feel so awkward… Mike usually sits back and laughs at the voice I use for Ken because I am ALWAYS Ken, but whatever. Not the point.) I come out to find this:

Look closely. As Evie innocently writes up the menu, her guests have clearly become intoxicated on whatever the restaurant was serving and passed out at the table. Rude.

Either that or Michael slipped something into their drinks… (I suspect the latter.)

(Monkey is my favorite…)

~ It got rainy on Sunday so we spent the day indoors and I forced everyone to do a craft project with me because I was bored. So, despite the resistance of a certain 2 people who were whining about missing whatever they were watching on tv, I forced them into the kitchen where THIS was created:

I completely stole this idea from Pinterest. And yes, I know Halloween is pretty much forever away but I wanted to have it done so I could hang it up the day I busted out my Halloween decor.  It was super easy. I found the stretched canvas at Walmart, painted the entire thing black, painted the bottoms of our feet white and then used a paint pen for our names and whatnot. I’m in love with it.

That about covers the main events of this laborless weekend. Tomorrw: Bachelor Pad recap. Don’t even act like you’re not excited to hear me tell you how much I now love Stag. (Platonically, of course. I just want him to find love, ok?!)


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