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A Simple Quest for Organization

August 15, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. It was an off week for me or something. I don’t know. I was just in a slump, but I took the weekend off to just relax and I feel MUCH better today. It seems as though sleep can cure my blahs.

Ok, so do you guys know that I have this nagging fear that I come across as extremely disheveled and unorganized about 80% of the time? No? Well, I do. I’m afraid when people meet me for the first time that I seem like a hot mess. I feel like I’m always running late, I don’t do enough to keep things organized for Evie at home, and that my hair is always frizzy. I don’t know for sure if this is how people view me but it’s how I feel.

ANYWAYS. Despite my lack of organizational skills, I love me some organizational tools. I love the idea of having every color coded, everything in my office filed neatly away in perfectly labeled files, and the mother of all organizational tools: The Planner.

Now, I know that most prefer the use of the calendars in Outlook or Google or on their smartphones but me? I like having something I can scribble everything down in… And then highlight them when they’re completed… In different colored highlighters pertaining to what the task was and who it was for…  So, see! I have an excellent brain for organization! It’s just the whole “getting it done” part that throws me off. But thankfully, Meredith has shown me the light that is This lady has something called a Life Planner. Just the name of it made me start drooling so I went to buy one… Then I saw that they were FIFTY DOLLARS, and while, yes, I loved them from the get-go, I could not bring myself to drop fifty bones on a planner. I just couldn’t. So I sadly went to Walmart and tried to make myself feel better by buying one of their planners… *Sigh… It would have to do.


It wouldn’t! Because Meredith is the bomb and found a coupon for 50% off  and we both bought one (along with Christina, Holli and Brooke.) The best part though? Because those 3 people bought one of those coupons using a referral from me, I got mine for FREE. Ah yes, it seems as though the Universe is all about me being organized as well.

It arrived this weekend.

You can get your planner personalized! Even better. And how much do I love the month tabs? Words cannot describe.

Each day is separated into Morning, Day, and Night which I find SO handy because it gives me a way to give each thing a general time. I don’t like having to say “I’ll be working on my Contract Reports from 1pm-2pm” but it’s helpful to just give myself the goal of getting it done in the morning. The book also came with stickers noting birthdays, date nights, vacations, etc. that are helpful. Not that I couldn’t just write them in there but the option of the sticker? I’m a fan.

This is pretty standard in a lot of planners, I think. (Am I wrong? I may be.)

With my big plans to color code everything (EVERYTHING! Ok, this trend probably will not last BUT I have high hopes so leave me alone with my dreams, alright?) this will serve as the little baggie for all my highlighters.

I’m sure if you are not at all into planners you are sufficiently bored with this post, however, if I know you like I think I know you… You are all shaking your head and saying, “Good luck, weirdo…”

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  1. August 15, 2011 5:19 pm

    The only problem is …. That I don’t HAVE one of these handy little planners!
    Must have one.

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