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Bikes Are Supposed To Be Fun, Dammit.

August 4, 2011

Ok, so don’t be mad at me. (I doubt you will.) But I seriously forgot I even had a blog after my post on Monday? (Gah, was it Monday? Is that the last time I wrote on this thing? I am a slacker.) I’ve been busy at work this week and nothing exciting’s happened that made me go, “Oh I can turn this into a post!” so then I just sort of forgot I ever had a blog to start with… which is very unlike me.

Plus, I have this thing where I hate posts without pictures. (On my blog. Not necessarily yours. I mean, I might hate your blog without pictures. Who are we talking about here?) I’ve taken NO pictures this week. I did find this from last week:

I know.

It’s like we’re the Three Bears of bicycling.

But Michael got a bike as an early birthday gift from his parents. Yes, it made me laugh too… What man gets a bike for his 37th birthday?? Anyways, we’re trying to get Evie to be a little more…um… adventurous? I don’t know if that’s the right word. She’s just so cautious and it drives me nuts. (It shouldn’t. I know, I know.)

We decided, hey, we used to ride our bikes all the time when we were kids! Let’s make Evie ride her’s!  But seriously, she starts freaking out if we get near the tiniest of hills. So the bike rides usually go something like, “This is fun! Wheee!” to immediate terror of “I CANNOT GO DOWN THAT HILL.” Of course, this is where I bust out the good parenting skills and scoff back, “That’s not even a hill! It’s a slope! If that!” then I pop a wheelie and fly down the hill all the while laughing at my child.

Not really. I can’t do wheelies.

But I do spend a good ten minutes arguing with her about how she can go down the hill and will be fine but it doesn’t do any good so this usually ends in her crying and me aggravated and Michael trying to reason with both of us. YET! I continue to insist we go on bike rides every night! I promise it’s fun at first… it’s the last ten minutes we’ve really got to work on. Also: avoiding slopes.

I’ll let you know how we fare.

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