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I caved.

July 21, 2011

A week or so ago on Twitter I admitted that, hey, yeah guys, I don’t really GET Pinterest. So, because I am stubborn and sometimes slightly spiteful I decided that since I didn’t understand it, I wouldn’t take part in it. (This is not a new concept. You know the 3rd “Lord of the Rings” film? I refuse to watch it because everyone was all, “I LOOOOOOVE LORD OF THE RINGS! LORD OF THE RINGS ARE THE BEST MOVIES EVER!” And sure, the first two were ok but come on. Those things aren’t movies. They’re events. That’s a commitment. I mean, you’re forfeiting like 75 hours of your life to just watch one movie! Slight exaggeration, maybe… BUT my point is, because everyone made such a big deal about it I refused to watch it… Which… isn’t that what Hipsters do? And I’m not a hipster. In fact, hipsters typically get on my nerves because really? You hate that? You hate that only because everyone else likes it? No, you don’t. But nice try on that whole trying to be different thing. This has turned into a rant about hipsters and no! Not what this post is about!)


Pinterest. I haz it.

Let’s take a look, shall we? Let’s see what I love on Pinterest these days. (And if you want to find me on Pinterest, look me up! We can hang out. Talk about things.)

We’ve discussed my love for zombies before so how can I pass this up?

You can also find lovely quotes… I would like this to be framed and hung in my bedroom.

And speaking of rooms, I think I’ll try to conquer this lighting project at some point. Even though Mike is convinced it’s a fire hazard.

I think this would be awesome in a bathroom somewhere. Just to always have on as a sort of nightlight.

My mom (or Brenda as I like to call her to annoy her) has a birthday today. (Yes, I just called her… My birthday greeting? “You’re 61! That’s only 9 years from 70, Brenda!”) Anyways, my daughter, the party planner, wants to do something for her this weekend so I think we’ll make these:

How cute is that??? Plus, it sounds super easy so we'll attempt it.

So besides decorating ideas, hilarious quotes and delicious recipes, what else does Pinterest have that I love? Makeup ideas.

I want my eyes to look just like that. So far my attempts have left me looking like a semi-goth-type-person.

But my absolute favorite thing about Pinterest, the thing that I keep coming back to over and over in the search box is “Hilarity.” I love some laughs and the internet provides it in abundance, but with Pinterest it’s just much more grouped together. Makes things easier to find. And really, we’ve all wanted to high five someone in the face with a chair before.

And this whole Velociraptor epidemic? Something just really needs to be done.

So, folks, there you have it. My latest internet time suck. Get on there. Snoop around. Look me up.

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