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Is “Birthday Party Weekend” A Justifiable Excuse?

July 8, 2011

I went in for a little hair maintenance last night. I needed my blonde back. I’m a blonde at heart… Even though not necessarily at my roots. (Dirty blonde, but not bloooonde.) Anyways, my fake hair color is not the point of this story. Let’s be honest, I’m not sure most of the posts even have a point but we can pretend, right? The point is: I am rocking some Steven Tyler feather extensions today. I fully admit that I’m probably too old for this nonsense but my hairdresser is very good at peer pressure.

Ignore everything else wrong with my hair. I woke up an hour late today.

Susan, the lady I credit with saving me from a life wrought with wiener roll bangs and un-layered hair, busted out some hot pink and black and white rooster feathers last night and I’m all up in her drawer like, “I THINK I MUST HAVE THESE RIGHT NOW.”

And then I remembered I turn 31 on Tuesday.

This posed a dilemma. Hot pink hair? Black and white striped hair? (Feathers, whatever.) I am not a rock star. Nor a movie star. Nor a celebrity of any kind.  But good ol’ Susan, always there to convince me I do need to do something different with my hair, said, “Oh please. You have a baby face and your birthday party is on Saturday. We’re doing it.”

I'm not doing the Senior Portrait Pose. It's a little diddy I like to call "Hide The Double Chin."

So, we did it. She put the lovely feathers in my hair. (Which, by the way, elicited no less than three “You have some c0ck in your hair” jokes from Michael.) I snapped about 45 pictures in my office trying to get just the right shot… because here it looks like they stick out too much and in the first picture they look like they’re all wiry and pointy. (They’re not at all. You can wash them, dry them, curl them, etc. Plus, they’re actually not very noticeable. I’ve pulled them forward for the sake of this post.) You all know how I feel about people taking pictures of themselves. Even if I am obeying my one rule of “It’s only acceptable if you are showing something to someone and/or trying to look ridiculous on purpose and not just because you think you look hot” I still had to throw my camera down on the desk the moment I heard footsteps in the hall outside my office.

The things I do for you people.

So, now, the question remains, do I have to find an outfit every day to match my feather extensions? Because, friends, I do not own that much hot pink…

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