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Because I’m All For Getting Extra Sleep.

July 6, 2011

I’m a mid-morning person. I feel like this is when I shine my brightest. Mid-morning, 10am-ish, is when I’m bubbly and happy and ready to take on the day. Any time before 9am and I’m fairly miserable. This is why I feel I shouldn’t have to work until then. (IT’S FOR THE GOOD OF THE PUBLIC!) Anyways, this is not happening with my current job so I’m being forced to be the person who gets up 6am and is just forced to, you know, be grumpy for a good 3 hours. The horror. I know.

It is a shame that I have just recently stumbled upon the dry shampoo craze because it is my new lifesaver. I mentioned on Twitter that dry shampoo is making it way too easy for me to justify not showering before work. And before everyone is all GROSS (Don’t act like you didn’t think it. *I* thought it and *I’M* me.) just know that I only skipped showering once. AND I had showered before I went to bed so the worst I could smell was like sleep. (Sleep DOES have a smell. Have you ever walked into a room where a bunch of guys have been sleeping? It’s disgusting. But I didn’t smell like that. To clarify.)

But anyways. My friend, Mandy, asked me about my dry shampoo so I thought I’d share. This product has saved me so much more time to sleep in:

My hair is a complicated beast. We’ve discussed it before. It gets super greasy at the roots but the rest of it is like straw. This can be chalked up to a million things like me washing my hair too much, the constant coloring, the fact that it’s as thick as horse hair… Things like that. SO, as much as I always wanted to be one of those girls who could skip days between hair washing, it’s just never been in the cards for me.

UNTIL NOW. (Pretend the movie announcer guy said that. I did. Makes it much more exciting.)

See? A decent amount of volume for 2 day old hair, if you ask me.

With my new shampoo, I can wake up, throw on some clothes, do my makeup and spray this bad boy in my hair and I’m set. Since my hair is so thick, I have to do it layers at a time which sounds like it might take a long time but it doesn’t. I just start on one side of my head, spray, flip some hair to the side, spray, etc. I do that until I feel like I’ve sufficiently covered all of my scalp.

Now, don’t get me wrong… My hair doesn’t look awesome. I don’t think I would ever substitute this in place of taking a shower before a night out, but pshaw, for work? Yes, please. So, here’s to sleeping in an extra 30 minutes in my mañanas.

No greasy roots, either.

You can pick up that brand of dry shampoo at Target, but I’ve also heard Suave has a really good line too. If you’re brunette or a ginger, you’re best bet is to try the kind specifically for your hair color. The general cans of dry shampoo can leave you looking like a little old lady with gray tinted hair if you’re something other than blonde.

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  1. July 7, 2011 2:40 pm

    I am pathetically unmotivated when it comes to getting ready for work. (Assuming I actually even went into an office anymore.) Ours is so laid back, that if I ever had make-up, or anything but a ponytail? They might just die of shock. So, yes please, to making it possible for me to being even more lazy.

  2. Boo permalink
    July 9, 2011 11:31 am

    I use the Sauve and it works great too! It is my favorite discovery of the summer!!!

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