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Oh Baby, You Give Me Butterflies!

June 28, 2011

I’m ashamed of that title. I admit it.

Ok, so here’s the dealio. My card reader at work is refusing to pull the vacation pictures off my memory card, thus forcing me to write about the super awesome and incredibly easy art project Evie, Mike and I did last night. I decided that we were not going to come home after work and sit our butts on the couch and watch endless episodes of Nick Jr. We were going to be creative! We were taking a trip to Hobby Lobby and THEN we were going to come home and make something! So, that’s exactly what we did.

I can’t remember who sent me the link to this project (if it’s you*, tell me and I’ll link to you and get you exactly one extra visitor today) but I saw it and immediately fell in love with it. I’m not a pretend/imagination play type person. Evie is. It makes it hard for us to play together sometimes. She wants me to talk for every stuffed animal and I want to color in her coloring books or put together puzzles. When I saw a craft that a) involved rainbows and b) butterflies I immediately knew my daughter would be sold. If it had also involved unicorns she may have had an aneurysm from all the happiness piled into one activity.

Instead of giving you the step by step I linked to the original site (up there, go click) where I saw the project and I’ll just post the pictures of us doing such awesomeness… Plus, I’ll point out the couple of things we did differently. (Is my blog turning into me doing all sorts of OTHER people’s ideas?? It feels like it. Is that ok?)

Evie chose aqua blue for the background paint and forced me to use lime green. I was ok with it.

The original project had the girls gluing the butterflies on with hot glue guns. With my daughter that sounded like blisters and a trip to the ER so we went the sticky dots route. They probably aren’t as durable but it worked fine for the time being.I figure if they need replacing I’ll glue them back on myself.

Evie was very meticulous about placing her butterflies... Ok, not really. It almost made me hyperventilate but it REALLY turned out cute. Mine all had to be facing the same way. Stupid quirk.

I’m weird about stuff being in order on projects like this. In the end I was a little sad I wasn’t more crazy with my little bugs, but all was good. They both turned out cool.

Here I am being a nazi about all my bugs facing the same way. Michael thought it was hilarious to shift one around. I did not.

We grabbed watercolor paper instead of just regular paper and it had both an advantage AND a disadvantage. The advantage was that the paper was so thick the butterflies really stood up on their own with little folding from us. It was basically like cardboard. The disadvantage was that Evie couldn’t punch out the butterflies herself with the butterfly punch that we bought. It was too thick and took too much strength so Mike ended up being our butterfly guy.

Final project, with a little digital photo help thanks to my good buddy, Collin.

I used the Boost effect on Picnik with these pictures because we have dim lighting in our dining room where were doing the project, but this is closer to the color of the actual finished project. It will blend perfectly with my very green wall with the very green stripe.

And this video is… just because. I like how Evie at first gives Mike credit for the “beautifully done job” on the butterflies but quickly corrects herself with, “I mean, *I* did beautifully.” Also, I don’t know why I look so defeated. I swear it was a fun project. We had no idea Michael was filming us, otherwise Evie would have completely clammed up.

Sorry for the quality... Not sure what happened, but you get the picture.

Until next time, peeps. (And next time means vacation pictures which I know ALL of you are waiting with baited breath to see. I just know it!)

*I found out who it was! It was LC over at Peace, Love and Pink!

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  1. June 28, 2011 12:07 pm

    Eik! Yay! I love this 🙂
    I’m totally gonna claim that you got the idea from me 😉 HA!
    Only you did better than me and actually finished yours.
    I have my canvas painted but the nearest Hobby Lobby is an hour from me and I cannot for the life of me remember to pick up a butterfly punch.

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