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Beach Vacations: The 2011 Version

June 17, 2011

We leave for the beach tomorrow. (Did you guys not know from the 42 tweets mentioning it this week?) I suspect that this year will be a tad different from the several other trips I’ve taken to Destin. Why? Well, you see, last time we went this happened:

I’m pretty sure there were these things involving Jager and Redbull involved… There was a dance floor and most of the places we went required us to get one of those neon green little bracelets vouching that we’d paid our good money to walk through the door. (I think they’re what one might call a “bar bracelet.” I’m just guessing though…)

We also happened to be down there during St. Patrick’s Day and we just happened to be near a giant 2 story Irish restaurant/pub that was running several different drink specials. I’m not sure if you’d call 4 Irish Wakes in mason jars plus a plethora of shots as “overdoing it.” Some might, I suppose. I mean, it did lead to this:

But alas, I just get that feeling (you know the one, I’m sure) that this trip to Destin just doesn’t hold a night of imbibing at AJ’s… I expect this trip will be a little more along the kid friendly side of the fence.

I think this trip is going to have a whole lot of relaxing with books, playing in the sand, shopping and visits to aquariums and water parks. I think this trip is going to involve not having a hangover and being able to wake up early enough to enjoy a coffee with the sunrise. I think this trip is going to involve a LOT of time of just me and my baaaaybee.

I think this trip is going to be a thousand times more fun.

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  1. Emily permalink
    June 17, 2011 10:12 am

    Wheeeee! Tomorrow!

  2. Kelly permalink
    July 3, 2011 8:42 pm

    My girlfriends and I partied in destin during spring break 2004. I believe we spent 2 memorable evenings at McGuires…that was then and now between the four of us we have 4 kids. I highly doubt a trip there now would even compare to 2004!

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