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I Made A Hair Mask Out Of Food.

June 15, 2011

I swear this isn’t turning into a beauty blog. I’ve been wanting to try out this hair mask for a few days since I read about it on The Beauty Department and Mike stopped by the grocery last night and grabbed the stuff I needed while he was there. I decided for hilarity’s sake, I would document the process.

STEP 1: Make sure you have incredibly dry, crispy hair so annoying that you tie it up into a knot on top of your head the second you step foot into the comfort of your home. Take a picture of aforementioned dry, crispy hair.

STEP 2: Gather all of your ingredients. The ingredients are incredibly complicated and I don’t even know if it was WORTH IT to do all this. (Kidding. It was easy. That was sarcasm. Hi, I’m Whitney. Have we met?) If you want to do this, you’ll need a shower cap, some Olive Oil and an avocado. Make sure your picture indicates that these products have a heavenly glow. That is crucial to this process.

STEP 3: Ok, so you’ll want to peel the avocado and sort of slice it into chunks and place them in a bowl. Add 2 tsp of olive oil and then use an electric mixer to get everything all creamy. Here was my issue, I’m terrible at following directions and I put 2 TABLESPOONS of oil in my mixture. And then I discovered I cannot stand the smell of olive oil and gagged. Repeatedly. But I was a trooper and carried on. My mixture was a tad on the oily side but since my hair is like a hay bale on my head, I was ok with it.

STEP 4: Once the shower cap is on, pretend you’re in a medical drama and that you have to perform surgery. Make sure you wash your hair with your regular shampoo and wring out the water. (I’m basically telling you EXACTLY what TBD tells you to do in their post.) Smear the mixture all in your hair. I made sure to work it all the way through my ends and whatnot. Then, I twisted my hair up and slapped the shower cap on. (The picture was too dark so I had to mess with the exposure and then turn it to b&w. In case you were wondering. You probably weren’t. Carry on.)

*I forgot to wring the water out.

*You’re also supposed to heat up your hair while it’s in the shower cap so the mixture really sets into your hair. Forgot to do that until the last minute.

*I’ve really got to do better with following instructions.

I left it on my hair for about 30 minutes, then I rinsed it out, put some of my normal conditioner in, rinsed IT out then wrapped my head in a towel.

STEP 5: Spray water all over your shirt when you accidentally grab the hose from the sink.

STEP 6: Change into a dry shirt. Preferably one that doesn’t say “Maui Wowie” on it and something a little more mature like “Wheaties.”

After this dazzling photo, I dried my hair like normal. I didn’t straighten it but I did put some of the Garnier Fructis Nutrient Spray on because a) I always do that and b) it smells WAY better than olive oil.

STEP 7: Make a really weird face with your new pirate hair. My bangs are always in my eyes. I’m used to it. It drives my mother crazy. Anyways, the end result? Mike swears it feels softer. I think it still feels dry. It’s not a bad way to deep condition if you’re looking to do it on the cheap side and the ingredients are simple. I didn’t see a HUGE difference and I”m actually still keeping my appointment with my hairdresser today for a deep conditioning treatment. BUT, there were things I would do differently that may make all the difference in the world. One, my avocado wasn’t super ripe. I think that would have helped. And two, I would have gone easier on the oil. Mainly because of the smell.

So, there you have it! Me destroying my kitchen to make a simple hair mask that I’m just ehh about. Yes, welcome to my life.

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  1. June 15, 2011 11:59 am

    That is awesome! you’ve got some rockin hair going on there!
    : )

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