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Moving and Murderers.

June 6, 2011

We had to move the rest of Mike’s stuff this weekend, in the blazing 95 degree heat, I might add. Talk about a good time. My favorite part was how Mike kept INSISTING that he didn’t have that much stuff and it would take an hour, tops. I was thinking I was being such a good girlfriend by offering to help load stuff up so we could find a place for it at my house. I mean, I had been living at his house every other weekend for the past ten months. I had seen with my own eyes what we were working with.

I should have suspected something when we rented the U-Haul.

I should have been even more suspicious when he called in his parents for reinforcements.

I’m such a naive young lady. I really am.

You all, we moved an entire house full of stuff. WHERE was this stuff coming from?! Had he been hiding his belongings in secret compartments? I just don’t know. The U-Haul was packed to the brim! I was melting in the heat. Evie was with us and she did so great, but I know she was bored out of her mind. We didn’t make it home until 10pm and in the end it took about 3 hours to get everything loaded up and wedged into the truck. So, now, this week we begin the annoying-yet-has-to-be-done task of pricing everything for the garage sale. With everything we dragged out of the attic this weekend, plus, the stuff Mike’s selling we should make some decent spending money for vacation. We shall see.

Speaking of the garage sale, I just listed it on Craig’s List only after getting approval from Sarah, Collin AND Christina that it was safe and I wasn’t asking for someone to come directly to my house and murder me. That’s a risk I feel one runs when doing such a thing. I even texted Colleen JUST to make sure.

Me: Is listing my garage sale on Craig’s List a death wish?

Colleen: Maybe. It depends on whether or not any stranglers respond and show up.

Me: I *AM* selling rope so I do run that risk…

Colleen: Any pantyhose?

Me: Yep, those too. Also, an axe and a utility freezer.

Colleen: Man! This is a veritable motherload for people looking to stock up on murderous supplies at a discount!

Me: It’s actually a sale for my new company, Murdering Made Easy.

Colleen: Of course it is.



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