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So, I Think Summer Got Here This Weekend.

May 31, 2011

On Friday, it was kind of chilly. I think it got up unto the upper 60s maybe? (Hey! Look at me talking about weather. AGAIN.) This is the end of May so it was what we like to call “ridiculous.” We had an outdoor wedding to attend on Friday night so it was mildly annoying that we didn’t have spring-like weather. Where were the mid-seventies? The sunshine? Yeah, nowhere to be found on Friday. (90 degrees and sunny for the rest of the weekend though for those of you who a) aren’t from here or b) were concerned for my tan.) However, it didn’t matter because the wedding ended up being really fun regardless. (If you read BioGirl then you know all of this.) I, of course, was sans camera and am stealing this picture from Sarah:

Emily and Brent (bride and groom) had a photo booth set up in the downstairs part of the reception complete with random props and clearly, this is where we had the most fun. What? Mike’s face doesn’t give it away? We danced, hung out with friends and ate the most delicious cupcakes known to man. I have no idea where they came from but seriously… I wanted to dive face first into them.

We hit the rode about 10:45 since the wedding was about an hour away and crashed the second we walked through the door. All was ok though since we had the next 72 hours to do absolutely nothing but lay out at the pool and tan. Oh and tan we did, my friends. Well, Mike and I laid out. Evie did this:


I even have a video of her asking me to count her off so she can jump in. I think she manages to get in about 72 leaps before the minute runs out. I would post it here but it apparently someone was pinching my nostrils shut and forcing me to speak like Jeanine from Ghostbusters and I just can’t subject you guys to that. It would be cruel of me.

I finished off the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, I rotated so my tan was even, I played a little on my phone, rotated some more, floated around in the pool, and occasionally made my way into the kitchen to make myself a snack. It was the definition of lazyyyyy. The weekend, surprisingly didn’t fly by and I feel like I finally got caught up on some sleep. (Much to Mike’s joy because now he doesn’t have to put up with me not being able to stay awake past 9:06pm.)

Saturday night we met up with some friends and had dinner before going to see The Hangover 2. (Boo. Not funny.) Other than that one outing plus a mini-trip to Sam’s we really didn’t leave the pool. It. Was. Wonderful.  Now it just doesn’t seem fair to be sitting inside when it’s so hot and sunny outside right now. I bet the pool misses me.

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