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A Rambling Post About Things

May 25, 2011

Since Evie hasn’t done anything blogworthy as of late (yes, I only birthed a child to provide me with laughs. Dance, monkey! Dance!) and I haven’t done anything worthy of your ridicule, let’s have a chat about a) things I love right now and b) things I hate right now. Yay! A completely superficial post! Be forewarned, if you check back tomorrow I may have already completely changed my mind.

IN:~ I can’t get enough of this stuff. I love lip gloss but with all this wind as of late it gets so annoying to have to pull strands of my hair off my lips because the gloss is sticky. Then I’m stuck with like 3 twigs of greasy looking hair. Plus, I could live in a tub of lotion and my skin and lips would still be dry and gross. So, this is handy. It has a hint of color too so my lips don’t look so naked. (It’s not as dark as it appears.)

~ I know. I know. How common of me. I mean, the fact that I even stoop to reality tv, much less The Real Housewives of New Jersey should embarrass me, right? Except, it doesn’t. I love it. I think it’s hilarious and ridiculous and you cannot rip it off my dvr. I hate the new girls, love the originals (I mean, I think Teresa’s a bit ridiculous but she’s amusing!) and I am excited to have it back in my weekly rotation. So, there. Take that, reality tv snobs.

~Isn’t that mouse pad the cutest?! Kidding. I am not in love with that mouse pad. In fact, I would be embarrassed if someone had that mouse pad. I’m in love with summer break and it begins Friday. Evie’s last day is tomorrow and do you people know what that means?? It means, I get an extra hour of sleep every morning because I no longer have to drop her off at school before work! Instead, I basically get to throw her next door at my mom’s house and head out. Ahhh, sleep. How I love thee.

~If you’ve done a little snooping on my About Me page (Have you not? WHY NOT? Kidding. It’s pretty boring but it might give you a little insight to my weirdness… Just sayin’.) you’ll see that I have a love for cheesy teen soap operas and this: awful sci-fi movies.  And yes, while I’m terrified of sharks, I happen to love a good underwater sea creature movie.  So, not only do I get Piranha 3DD this year, but I get this little gem. Hooray for production companies throwing money at ridiculous movies!


~I tried so hard. I really did.  I stuck it out through the end because I’m not a quitter but each week I kept cringing more and more. I was left to wonder, why am I sitting here watching an After School Special week after week? Where is the wit?! The humor?! I did not sign up for a show about bullying! Which, yes, it happens and I don’t know… Maybe this is terrible of me (fine, it is terrible of me. I’m a terrible person who hates Glee and likes Real Housewives. STONE ME) but I just thought every single storyline was SO damn cheesy. They couldn’t make up their minds how they wanted things to go. Nothing exciting happened. And just, I’m done. I’m relieved the season is over so I don’t feel like I have to watch every week.

~So, since I’m leaving for the beach in a mere 3 weeks, 3 days, I decided it was time to do a little weight trimming. (Yes, I did laugh and think of Peanut Butter Jelly Time when I saw the name of these bars.) I’m sticking to it. Somewhat. But the commercial about “filling” shakes and bars? LIES. All of them. I was STARVING by the time I got home from work yesterday and pretty much ate everything in sight so… I don’t know. Do I keep it up? I’m not a HUGE overeater and I don’t really eat anything THAT unhealthy. Last night I had some bruschetta, a turkey dog, and some bagel chips and salsa. Oh and cheese. I ate like 4 pieces of cheese… I’m addicted to dairy! But anyways, I’ll weigh myself in a day or two to see if I’m making any progress.

~I know this is an old picture but it proves my point. I’m ALL about being yourself. You like what you like, do what you do, hooray for freedom and all that jazz… but this. She just gets under my skin like no celebrity has done in a while. (If you follow me on Twitter you’re probably over me ranting about Gaga. Hell, I’m over me ranting about Gaga and yet, I continue… I don’t know why.) I don’t feel like she woke up that morning and said, “Hey, you know what? I feel like wearing my dress made of Muppets today because I REALLY like Muppets.” She didn’t. She said, “I want to wear a dress made of Muppets and hope that everyone will talk about how creative and original my idea to wear a dress made of Muppets is!”  So, maybe I don’t like Lady Gaga (and for the record, I DID at the beginning) for the right reasons but this whole attitude where she acts like she’s a Godsend for the outcast, gimme a break. If anything, she’s encouraging regrettable tattoos and underthought decisions.

~Just a few weeks ago, it was Alabama and now, Missouri. I’m over tornadoes and all the destruction they’re causing. I feel for the people who can’t find loved ones or who already know their loved ones are gone. I just want summer to get here and at this point I would welcome a drought for a few weeks. I don’t know anyone personally in any of the affected areas but my heart and prayers go out to all who’ve lost family members, pets, homes, etc. I think it’s time the US gets a break with the weather.

So, voila! You are now in the know for all the coolest and lamest things right now. Don’t you feel so prepared to take on the day now? If not, you should.

I am 100% kidding. Don’t listen to me. Listen to someone cool…like Lady Gaga.

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  1. May 26, 2011 12:43 pm

    We’re TWINS!
    I hate Glee.
    I hate Gaga. Not her music. HER.
    Who wears meat ??? Ugh.

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