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Weekend Happenings With a Little Easter Photo Action Thrown In

May 17, 2011

Why did I immediately start talking like Long Duk Dong after typing the title? Your guess is easily just as good as mine.

So, this past weekend was the first weekend in I can’t even remember how long that Mike, Evie and I didn’t have approximately 462 things to do. Friday night Evie was with her dad so Mike and I went downtown for a little relaxing. We sat outside at Rosebuds for a bit but then headed over to Bluegrass Tavern to help celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. I convinced her that 30 actually wasn’t so bad after all. Plus, we got to see an actual flash mob! People just jumped up and started dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which, I know… That song?? BUT it was a gift for the birthday girl so we shall let it slide.

Saturday held the one event that require mandatory attendance from Evie and myself. Sarah’s little boy, Henry, was turning two so went to celebrate. And! Guess what! I have pictures! Pictures NOT from my crappy camera phone! (Phone camera? Why can I not remember which way that’s supposed to be??)

This is me and Miss Cici. Look at her cheeks! I wanted to pinch and chomp and snuggle her all day but alas, Miss Cici has many admiring fans so I had to pass her on. I think her bow makes her look like a little present and makes me long for the days where I got to slap a bow into Evie’s hair. (Sidenote: Do NOT get that confused with me longing for the days of having a small child crying every 6 or so hours throughout the night and me getting minimal sleep. Two entirely different things.)

Sarah and Boo made the cake and the party favor boxes themselves! The party goers were all impressed. Well, except for the kids who simply wanted to eat the cake, not just marvel at its glory. I marveled though. (Take note of that, Sarah. I marveled.)

This picture mainly just makes me laugh. Why does Henry look so ashamed? Why does my child look like a giant? Well, for the record, Henry was not in trouble. He was just visiting Evie. And as for my child looking like a giant, let’s blame her distance from the camera. Although, I admit it. She has been cursed with Giant Head just like her mother…

Saturday night, we went to church and then Mike and I saw “Bridesmaids.” I know, it’s a raunchy comedy that one probably shouldn’t see directly after leaving the Lord’s house… Sunday was boring and filled with oil changes and laundry. Boo. Let’s move on.

And now, for some mildly delayed Easter photos that I’m only including because look! We DO dress up! On occasion. Ok, fine. Rarely. Whatever.

Except we’re not dressed up in this picture. Judging from my ponytail and hat, it’s safe to say that I have yet to even take a shower in this picture. Ignore that. Instead focus on my child’s Easter basket (it’s a wheelbarrow) and Weird Look #1 on her face. I feel like she’s making that sound Scooby Doo always makes when he’s shocked about something. Yes, that sound.

Oh we fancy! Yes, Mike donned a suit and I put on the dress I’ve worn to virtually every event that’s required a dress this season. I like it. Quit judging me. This is Weird Look #2. I like to call this Zombie Evie.

Easter Sunday church services require a hat. Were you not aware? Oh you were and you were just too distracted by the awesome name I’m going to use when I produce my first movie about my daughter and her odd facial expressions? This is Weird Look #3. It’s so strange I don’t really even have a name for it.  Those other peolpe are my brother, Jason, and his girlfriend, Brooke, who Evie only refers to as Big Brooke. It’s to differentiate from Little Brooke who she happens to go to school with. I’m sure Big Brooke loves this nickname.

So, that’s it. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 17, 2011 11:36 am

    So. Many. Comments.

    Going in reverse order,

    Big Brook. Just made me bust out laughing at my desk. Like to the point that people looked at me worried…

    Easter Wheelbarrow. The lesser known preference of the Easter Bunny.

    My child. WHY? I asked him to smile, and that’s what he gave me. It’s like he thought he was about to get beat?!

    Thank you for the marveling. Henry’s birthdays are the best time to try to shift the focus to ME and my mad craft skills.

    Sweet Cici. I love her so. Also, I had to remove red eye on only one of your eyes in every picture. It made me laugh, my pirate friend.

  2. Mandy permalink
    May 17, 2011 12:13 pm

    I love your dress and Evie looks so fancy 😉

    Also, side note, the first time I typed in my name to leave this comment it changed it to “Madura.”

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