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Pictures Work, Right?

April 26, 2011

Remember that time I was all, “I’ll tell you about my super fun weekend but first let me tell you this other story that’s probably only amusing to me?” You know, right here. But then, in typical Whitney fashion, I completely forgot about it and decided that life would go on without you all knowing about my awesome weekend that was filled with activities and a camera that wasn’t my phone. Well, today I decided you COULDN’T live without pictures from that weekend…or pictures from our egg dying extravaganza at Mike’s sister’s house. So, I present to you a post with nothing but pictures and a few sentences describing the pictures. You guys are so pumped right now, aren’t you? I KNEW IT.

I clearly haven't told my child about the secret trick to not having a melon head in pictures...

This was at the peak of my sickness. I seriously felt like dying at Disney on Ice. Imagine how fun Disney on Ice is and then multiply it by a fever and razor blades being raked down your throat.

We're all very enthralled in this show. Me, especially.

The theme was princesses and that required every possible princess accessory. Thankfully, with having two girls, Gwen had most of the jewelry, wands, etc taken care of.

During the Mulan act...

Why is Mulan even included in the princesses? Her story is boring. To pass the time, Evie decided to drape herself across my lap dramatically and whine about how boooooored she was and I decided to steal Evie’s Tinkerbell crown.

The goodbye...

I like to imagine that as soon as they skate off the ice someone screams, “PARTY!” and everyone heads out to a local bar… IN their costumes. Belle’s getting a bad case of the drunk eye, Tinkerbell’s throwing back shots of Jameson and Prince Charming’s hitting on the bartender, who’s male, because let’s be honest, Cinderella wasn’t doing it for Charming. We all know that.

The girls at the end of the night...

If you’ll kindly look behind the girls and notice the yellow bottle of lemonade in my hand. That, friends, is what we like to call “a $10 bottle of lemonade.” Otherwise known as, GIANT WASTE OF MONEY.

Moving on to the Egg Dying Extravaganza portion of this post…

Everyone's incredibly excited to dye Easter eggs.

The dye wasn’t completely dissolved so we forced the girls to wait a few extra minutes to really maximize our coloring opportunities. They simply liked to call it torture. Gwen tried to distract them with taking pictures while I frantically tried to punch out the holes for the egg holders.

Teaching Evie the art of Easter Egg writing...

That was right before she snatched the crayon out of my hand and declared I was taking too long.

Concentration at it's finest...

Except for Evie who, instead, was staring Hanna down as she carefully maneuvered her egg from the dye to the holder. Big task, people. BIG task. (Sara successfully smashed three eggs before Mike jumped in and decided she needed a little assistance.)

Blurry Mike's sort of overtaking the picture...

I really just like the look on my face. I’m obviously skeptical on my child’s choice of decor for that particular egg.

Happy camper...

You have now reached the end of this post. Exit to your left and have a nice day.

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  1. Emily permalink
    April 26, 2011 11:09 am

    Cute, that’s awesome Evie pretty has new cousins to play with. Also, that one pic with the sunglasses on your head looks like that guy from the Addams family.

  2. April 26, 2011 12:39 pm

    Emily just stole my comment. I went to the trouble to click over here just to call you Cousin It, but the joke has been done. But since I am here, I will repeat it. *I am lame*

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