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Weekend Rundown: The Extreme Amount of Pictures Version

April 11, 2011

It is Monday and I am struggling. I will get into the details of said struggling in just a moment because, get ready, it’s a bullet post. My favorite! But to spice things up I”m going to randomly place pictures of my beautiful daughter throughout the entire post so that you don’t think I’m going to sell her on eBay once you read my last bullet. (My friend, Emily Moseley, took these photos and if you’re interested, look her up on Facebook. She’s awesome.)

*This weekend was SO, SO fun. Friday night the weather was perfect (I know. I am obsessed with weather.) and Mike and I hung out at Cheapside for the majority of the night on the patio. Some friends met up with us for a while and we headed over to Rosebuds but by then it was 12:30a and we’re old and boring so we headed home.

*Saturday was the wedding that I mentioned in the previous post. You know the one where I was all worried about what to wear to the wedding? Yeah, I broke down and bought a dress. And shoes. And I KNOW. But they were on sale! Plus, according to my Kohl’s receipt I ended up SAVING over $50 so you cannot be mad or judge me. It would have been fiscally irresponsible of me to NOT take advantage of such a deal.

*We’re also notoriously bad about forgetting to bring our actual camera places. It’s frustrating because we have to use mine or Mike’s phone. Usually his phone takes halfway decent pictures but this weekend was a total wash. I salvaged this one somewhat with a little editing.

The quality is still pretty terrible though.

*Speaking of the wedding, you all, it was SO much fun.  I would like to inform everyone that I caught the bouquet. Yes, yes, hold your applause. Brooke (my brother’s girlfriend, one of my best friends) and I decided it would be hilarious to act like we were REAL serious about catching the bouquet, elbowing one another, just putting on a general show to make people feel slightly awkward. Looking back, considering we were the only two adults on the floor, I should probably be ashamed… But I’m NOT.

*Sunday was spent doing yardwork and cleaning out the gargae. Mike officially moves in on Friday (YAY! The long distance thing sucks so much.) so we’re trying to get the house ready. We did lunch with the fam and spent the rest of the day working outside and playing with Evie.

*Sunday night things took a turn for the worse. I am struggling with Evie. I hate to even admit it but oh my gosh, she is killing me with the bedtime routine. She REFUSES to sleep in her bed. And it’s not something you can just force her to do. She is throwing temper tantrums like I’ve never seen and at 12:30 in the morning, it brings me to tears. So, she’s crying, I’m crying and Mike is trying to make everyone STOP crying but NOTHING is working. I really have no idea what to do. She will not stay in her room. She begs me not to leave her. It’s pitiful. The thing is, I totally remember what it’s like to be that scared as a child and I hate it for her but I don’t know how change it. So, that’s where we are… the corner of Unfun and Miserable.


See? Who would sell that sweet face on eBay?

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  1. April 12, 2011 9:21 am

    Your hair looks really cute in the wedding pic.

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