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A Tale from the ER

March 21, 2011

This weekend was awesome. The weather was fantastic, Mike and I both had days off, Evie had a blast watching the Wildcats pull out another win but all of that? No, I won’t be telling you about my awesome long weekend in this post. Instead you get to hear about how we ended the weekend in the Emergency Room. Lovely. I know.

Yesterday, Mike and I decided that since the weather was so nice we should do something outside. Especially considering what we’d eaten all weekend… delicious, fattening food that was surely clogging up our arteries. We opted to take Evie to the park in my neighborhood. She seemed fine the entire time we were down there. Just a little extra whiny.

We got back to the house around 4:30p and I stuck her in the bath to play while I picked up a few things around the house. After the bath she just didn’t look like she felt well. Her eyes seemed weak and she was seriously wanting to cry over EVERYTHING. Mike was convinced it was because she didn’t want to a) sleep in her own bed that night (oh yes, we’re back to that…) and b) go to school the next day. (Uh…toughen up, kid. You’ve got 20 more years of school ahead of you…) I didn’t think so though and since I was out of Motrin decided to run to Rite Aid and grab some before she spiked a fever or some other random thing my child likes to do whenever she gets sick.

By the time I got back, she was WAILING in pain. Mike had wrapped her up on the couch but nothing was helping. I scooped her up and asked her what was wrong and she choked out that her ear was hurting, so we headed to the bathroom where I went through the usual routine of hairdryer on the ear to see if I could help the pain just enough to get her calmed down. I also called a nurse at the afterhours clinic and then my mom and grandma for just… I don’t know… I just call them for reinforcement.

The nurse called in some numbing drops for her ear but heard her screaming in the background and said, “Well, those and some Motrin should get you through the night but, I mean, if you want… there’s always the ER…”

Translation: You will not survive the night. Get thee to an emergency room for some antibiotics! Save thyself!

At this point, Mike had picked up the ear drops for me and Evie’s cries had been reduced to a pitiful whimper so I just decided to bite the bullet and take her in to the ER. Thankfully, I live really close to this random ER center. It’s handy.

The second we walk into our room after getting registered, Evie is fine. Like people are somewhat scowling at me because, LADY. GIVE US ALLLLL A BREAK. You’re just an overprotective mom! Possibly suffering from Munchausen by Proxy! We all can see what you’re doing here!

You all… my child was literally singing AND dancing around our room. “Doo-doo-doodoo-doo-Dora!  Doo-doo-doodoo-doo-Dora!” Tappity tap tap! Flying across the room! Hair billowing! Smile on her face… All the while I’m talking to the nurses, “Well… the only reason I came was because the nurse heard her screaming and just sort of suggested… She’s had some of those ear drops and well… [fading off]”

I got a couple of curt nods and maybe a look of skepticism. I can’t really be sure because I was too busy trying to wrangle my daughter onto the bed IN OUR ER ROOM. The doctor came in and confirmed that she did have an ear infection, hence the screaming beforehand. You know, the screams no one believed me about? We got some Amoxicillin and sort of slumped our way out of the room.

She’s seemed fine ever since. So, this one’s for Evie and her ability to make me look like a liar. Thanks, honey.

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  1. March 22, 2011 11:44 am

    I can’t really blame Evie. There’s a magic healing power that comes with stepping into a doctor’s office. Happens to me all the time. Kind of like when your car makes a crazy noise and you put off taking it into the shop, then you finally make an appointment, and on the drive over it doesn’t make a peep. So is life.

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