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Because Today Seems Worthy of a Bullet Post

March 15, 2011

* I went to get in the shower today only to realize I was out of shampoo. This is tragic in so many ways but mainly in the way that I am NOT one of those people who can go without washing their hair every day. It doesn’t get greasy, it gets crease-y. (Had no intentions of rhyming there but whaddya know?) I went on a hunt for some random shampoo hidden in my house and came up with a bottle of… Pert Plus. Seriously. I washed my hair with Pert Plus this morning. I had no idea that stuff even existed. Verdict: Still sucks.

*My child has gone back to throwing a fit about sleeping in her own bed. It’s lovely. And these bags around my eyes? Oh man, they are HOT. Make sure you notice them and comment on how tired I look when you see me. (I’m looking at YOU, coworker!)

*Because of the aforementioned lack of sleep, I need lots of coffee. I have an ongoing war with the coffeemakers in my office. Not the actual machines but the people who fail to make the coffee when they take the last of it. These people fall into two categories. There are those who leave a miniscule amount in the pot so it APPEARS that there is some left; they believe this gets them off the hook of having to make more coffee. Then there are the people who just don’t care. They take the last and then they leave the pot on the hot burner so the breakroom fills up with the delightful smell of burnt coffee. This irks me beyond believe so I made this pie chart:


*Remember how I gave up road rage for lent? Yeah… I failed yesterday. BAD. But! Wait! Stop judging! It totally wasn’t my fault! This girl in a stupid Dodge Charger completely cut me off on Nicholasville Road and I ONLY used my horn to, you know, save my car but then (then!) she decided to get all mouthy. She pulled up beside me in the turn lane and proceeded to lay on HER horn. I could feel my blood began to boil because you stupid hooker! YOU ALMOST HIT MY CAR! So… she kept trying to get my attention and I kept staring straight ahead. Not because I’m the bigger person. Because I am a coward and I was convinced she probably had a gun in her car. I don’t know. As soon as she edged up, I let her have it. I’m sure it did a lot of good.

*I’m currently sitting at my desk right now with the top button of my pants undone because apparently I managed to gain ten pounds from the time I tried on these pants on Saturday until today. My confidence in my appearance is at an all time high today.

*This has turned into a rather bitchy post. Really wasn’t my intention when starting out but well… it has. I apologize.

*In exciting news, the other blog I write (Best of the 80s) with the fabulous Collin Parker got picked up by so now we get to start getting paid for the stuff we were writing anyways. So, be prepared for me to badger you with requests to go read, read, read. Ye have been forewarned.

So, those bullets about sum up everything going on in my brain right now. If you would like to add a complaint, yell at me for complaining when others have it worse, or just leave me a comment of general niceties, please do so. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. March 15, 2011 11:50 am

    I’m tired too.

  2. Alison permalink
    December 19, 2012 11:19 am

    I’m tired three

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