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March 7, 2011

We’ve done so well this winter with avoiding the sickness. I’ve Lysol’d, I’ve layered my child to the point of ridiculous and I’ve been a Nazi about drinking out of the water fountain at school. We made it through the worst part and only had to miss a couple days of school due to growing pains… until yesterday.

She woke up complaining of a headache but I didn’t pay THAT much attention to it because she sometimes gets headaches when she’s hungry. Her appetite hadn’t slowed at all so I really just thought it was that. By yesterday afternoon the poor child was huddled in my lap with a fever so high it was giving her chills and crying from how bad she just ached. The Motrin kicked in SUPER fast though and she was literally up dancing an hour later.

I kept her home from school today and Mom kept her overnight last night to just avoid having to drag her out in the cold simply to bring her back to my mom’s before I left for work today. It’s pretty handy having your mom live down the street from you, at times.

Michael is sick too. Same symptoms…

When he gets sick he likes to hole up in his room and watched every Star Wars movie… in order. He tried to convince me that this time would be different, that he wasn’t going to do just that… Except I just spoke to him and wouldn’t you know? He’s leaving work early to go home and watch Star Wars, all holed up in his room, surrounded by boxes of tissues, Nyquil & Advil.

I can’t lie. I think it’s kind of cute.

So, excuse me, I feel the need to go douse my house in bleach because my two little germ carriers have infected the whole place.

Don’t worry. I know. There’s little hope for me and my immune system. *Sigh…

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