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March 2, 2011

I have a tendency to get completely enthralled with things. Whether it be a book series (i.e. The Hunger Games) or a movie or just whatever, once I discover it and something clicks in my head and it’s ALL I want to talk about, act on, think about, etc.  Right now, it’s this:

Not just THAT video. This girl’s entire SLEW of videos has made me decide that I will be the girl with awesome hair and makeup. (Right now, I’m lucky if I get a swipe of mascara on before I walk out the door.) I was bored at work the other day and thought, “Hmm… I really want to figure out how to get my hair in a poofy ponytail and I bet there’s a tutorial on Youtube.” That’s when I discovered LolaMarie7. She has every single thing you can think of involving hair and makeup. All of her tips are super easy and really, that’s saying a lot coming from me because I can’t do anything exciting with my hair to save my life.  Thus, cueing my newest obsession.

I’ve always had a tendency to get carried away at the makeup counter. I’ve been known to drop $300 at the Benefit counter before and after that I restricted myself to ONLY drugstore makeup. I know. Feel sorry for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong. You can find some awesome stuff out there BUT you have to search for it and you go through a ton of trial and error. The past couple years I’ve gotten RIDICULOUSLY lazy (Um, see previous comment about ONE swipe of mascara) with my makeup collection and just bought the bare essentials.

No more.

Last night, I went to Walmart and went on a bit of a spree. (Evie thoroughly enjoyed our time in the makeup section and I fear that I’ve created my own tiny monster. She scored two nail polishes and a set of tiny fake nails to play with. No worries, I would never let her step out of the house in those, a la Toddlers and Tiaras style.) Here is what I came back with:

I wish I could tag things on here like you can on Facebook b/c you can't see these very well.

Some of the stuff I just needed, like the combs. I’ve been teasing my hair with a brush (eek!)  and my comb for when my hair is wet is from circa 1987. Plus, I had no hairspray in my house and didn’t discover this until it was too late last weekend and my curls died a slow and painful death as the night went on. So, the hair items were more “needs” than “wants.” The rest, however, was just me being greedy. Especially the eyelashes… I have a weird fascination with them even though I suck at applying them. I can do the individual lashes but they take forever. I want to be a pro at the strip, dang it!

Some of it was on sale which was helpful because, let’s face it, makeup in general is pricey. But that bronzer? It was only $4.50 and I used it this morning and I’m a fan. I can’t give you detailed reviews on any of it just yet because I’ve only had it on my face for a few hours so far. My favorite, I would have to say, is the lipgloss. It’s stayed put and it’s not that real sticky kind that your hair gets caught in. The foundation wasn’t too heavy and so far hasn’t worn off yet (which was always a problem with my other foundations I’ve tried.) That could be due to me using a primer though. For $8.00 I would say the Hard Candy Primer is a good deal. I could see it feeling a tad greasy if you use too much but if you stick to just a small dollop then I think you’d be fine.

The final product:

It’s an absolutely terrible quality picture because it’s with my phone AND it looks like I have an incredibly dirty mirror. I don’t! My phone has this photo app and it will randomly decide to add effects to photos sometimes. It would NOT take a normal picture this morning hence the reason this one looks like it was snapped in 1972… with a Polaroid. But I was already running late and didn’t have time to mess with it. But! That’s me with all the new stuff minus the lipgloss because I had yet to apply ( and not the fake lashes because really… who wears those to work?)

(Ok, fine, I would totally wear them to work if I wasn’t horrible at applying them.)

Super long post about makeup. I bet my guy readers skyrocketed today.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    March 2, 2011 9:03 pm

    I like how you specified that the make-up brushes are “for the face”. Thank GOD you cleared that up. 😉

    You look adorable, as always.

  2. March 2, 2011 9:04 pm

    Sarah! I meant they weren’t for your EYES!

    And thank you. 🙂

  3. March 3, 2011 3:14 pm

    I’m officially obsessed with her videos now! I’ve been watching them for an hour! I really want her hair!

    I also love fake eyelashes but am terrible at applying them. Hence, why I don’t wear them!

  4. March 3, 2011 4:04 pm

    I love, love, LOVE her hair.

    And I think the key to fake lashes is to cut them in half and only wear them on the outer corner.

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