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Little bit o’ this and a little bit o’ that.

February 28, 2011

This post is your typical weekend wrap-up post. If these sorts of things bore you, feel free to move along. I won’t be offended…as long as you promise to come back. Which, who wouldn’t want to come back here?! It’s magical, right?


So this weekend went by like all other weekends: Like I stepped into the DeLorean promptly at 5pm Friday and punched in “02/27/11, 9:00pm.” (That means it went by too fast for those who don’t speak Marty McFly…) But, what can you do?

Friday night I met Becky up at Harry’s for Happy Hour until Mike got into town and that’s when we headed over to Cocktails. Harry’s was feeling a little stiff for our Friday night taste so Cocktails it was. Live music at a hole-in-the-wall bar was pretty much perfect.

We had tickets to the game on Saturday so we dropped Evie off at my mom’s for a while before heading to Rupp. We played Florida so it was a really great game to have tickets to. Granted, we were sitting in upper deck but it honestly wasn’t that bad. Plus, the people behind us were incredibly entertaining.

I seriously wish we’d gotten a video of the ladies sitting behind us. Mainly because one of them kept screaming, “C’mon Liggins! Play like ya momma’s watchin’!” in the most country accent. I dunno… How can you NOT laugh at that?

The game was really fun but you know what we discovered? The Papa John’s pizza that they sell there? It ain’t Papa John’s. It’s frozen! You’re not fooling me, Papa. Nice try. (I suppose it could be frozen Papa John’s pizza but just let me feel like I made some discovery that no one else has yet to find out, ok?) I left feeling completely robbed… (Not really. Mainly just annoyed that it was so friggin’ expensive for frozen pizza!) Mike insisted that I should have gone with my original choice of a hot dog but then I informed him that in order for that to fill me up I’d have to eat like five of them and well, nobody wants to be the girl shoveling five hot dogs into her mouth in public. The world only needs one Kobayashi. After considering he’d be the guy WITH the girl scarfing down hot dogs, he agreed that I made the right decision.

Sunday we headed to church for the morning and had lunch with the family. After that we did a little grocery shopping and errand running and then… made the greatest creation of all time. Well, according to my five-year old anyways.

It’s Book Fair Week at school and every day they get to wear something funny/silly. Today, in case you can’t figure it out, was Crazy Hat Day. That hat took me maybe 30 minutes to make and she thought it was coolest thing of all time. This morning, as she sat in bed watching cartoons and I got ready, she had that thing firmly clamped down on her head. I kinda want one myself, to be honest.

Evie is STILL sleeping in her own bed with little to no problem at night. I’m afraid of jinxing myself but she honestly doesn’t seem to mind it. She’ll throw a little bit of a fit when it gets close to bedtime but once she sees that I’m going to lay down in there with her for a minute, she calms down. I honestly credit this to cutting the tv completely off one to two hours before bedtime. We read books for about an hour. She really seems to sleep better and definitely looks more rested in the mornings. You gotta love working with therapists for all the free tips.

And that, friends, completes the most boring post ever. Aren’t you glad you stuck around? Until next time…

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