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I Got More Rope!

February 23, 2011

Yesterday’s post found me in a most unfortunate place. That place where you’re so tired that you’re alternating between biting everyone’s heads off and crying. It’s not a good place to be. But I can’t lie. That’s where I was because my child informed me that she was NEVER sleeping in her own bed and I, being the incredibly overdramatic person that I am, believed her. Just chalked it up to me living the rest of my life with my daughter in the bed with me. Just like that family in Willy Wonka…


I know.

But last night… (And I’m almost afraid to tell you for fear of jinxing myself) she slept in her bed the ENTIRE night.

She’s messing with me, man… I mean, how can one go from being up every five minutes completely engulfed in fear to the next night snoozing away like it was her job?? Ok, fine. It’s probably because she was so tired from her night before but still, I’ll take it. Even though I was up about every four hours to make sure she was still breathing because COME ON! WHY AREN’T YOU GETTING UP TO BEG TO COME GET IN MY BED?!

So, to reassure myself that Evie does, in fact, eventually want to sleep in her own bed, I’ll give you a tour of her newly redecorated room. I can’t even fathom not wanting to sleep in here for it is awesome.

Try and tell me you wouldn’t want to sleep there. No? Ok, what about if you’re current obsession is Disney’s Tangled and that loft bed can easily be transformed into the tower in which you’re stuck with a little help from a 5 year old’s imagination. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

The nightlite was a problem. Even if she didn’t SAY it bothered her, I knew it did. It’s supposed to look like a candle but with all the flickering, it made the shadows dance across the ceiling. Not helpful for a child who’s afraid of just about everything… It didn’t get turned on last night. Instead, we fell asleep with the overhead light on… Hey, I’ll take it.

I didn’t lie. It’s basically just a really boring corner.

This has to be my favorite part of the room for two reasons. One, it’s a perfect little area for Evie to play in. She likes that she can roll down the door to the tent and have her own little space. Two, it’s awesome for storing toys. It really helps with the clutter that inevitably comes along with a small child.

So, there you have it. Evie’s room. Now, if everyone will cross every appendage that they have in hopes that last night wasn’t just a fluke and we’re really onto something with this whole sleeping in your own bed thing, I would highly appreciate it.

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  1. February 24, 2011 4:31 pm

    I want to go to there.

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